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Content Management System

A common complaint, which all the webmasters face is that maintaining a dynamic website takes a lot of their time. First you need to format the content in HTML, modify the pages that have been changed, and then upload them to the server. These things can be made easier by using CMS software, which does all the modifications quickly and without unnecessary downloading and uploading.

A Content Management Systems(CMS) is a document-centric collaborative application for managing and systemising the documents and other content of your website. It covers the entire lifecycle of your web-pages, from creation through publishing and finally to archiving. Through CMS the maintenance of both website and intranet is no more than a childís play. Even the non-technical users can easily update information on their website, for there is no need to have a prior knowledge of HTML or site designs.

Binarysoft Technologies deals in Traditional CMS as well as Custom-Design CMS. Our products are easy to install, easy to use and trouble-free. Even the tabs, filenames, categories, contents etc. of your web-pages can easily be customized accoding to your requirements. Our products will save your time, save your money, and give you a competitive edge.

We have created small to large-scale Content Management Systems for almost every type of industry: whether it is a small scale organisation or a large scale one, a profit earning or non-profit earning entity. The list includes Fortune 500 companies, e-commerce websites, online booking system, hotel industry, music stores, online book stores, medical equipment companies, export houses and the likes.

Loads of benefits can be obtained by implementing Binarysoftís CMS Software. Following is a list of few of them:

  1. Easy to install and update: Installation does not require any technical knowledge. And updates can be done even by an administrative staff from any computer that has a web connection.
  2. Easy to operate: With the powerful online WYSIWYG editor, creating and editing of the content takes only minutes. Itís as simple as working on Microsoft Word.
  3. No need for HTML or XML: You donít need to know any type of mark-up or programming languages to create content. Every thing can be done in user-friendly interface.
  4. Saves time and money: Your own fully functional and professional content driven website without investing in expensive web development tools and technical staff.
  5. Facilitate updates anywhere, anytime: It helps in removing all the hassles associated with organizing and briefing the changes in content. All you need to do is login through your browser and you can update your content or add new pages yourself regardless of where you are.
  6. Category and Navigation Management: You can even organize categories and sub-categories of your webpages. This will enhance the navigations through the content of your website.
  7. Avoid redundancy: The redundancy of the information can be avoided as you can easily track the changes and duplicate entries.
  8. Facilitates content security: It enhances security, as access rights are constrained through level controls. It can control the rights to add, update and delete the content of the website and that too under a supervisorís vision.
  9. Archiving feature: You can easily archive your older contents and information. This will improve the performance of the website.
  10. Workflow management: This feature helps in adding the contents or articles directly on the website in an invisible or hidden mode. Once the editor approves it, the content can be published online.
All of our websites that are built on a sophisticated Open-Source Content Management System allow collaborative development of websites and web-based business applications like intranets and portals. We provide all of the necessary tools to integrate data and content from nearly any source into powerful, coherent and maintainable web applications.

Contact Us for all your CMS requirements.

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