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Customer Relationship Management System

When you want to crack all your leads;
Or to interact with your customers 24X7;
Or to streamline your order-to-selling process;
Or to meet the expectations of your customers;
Then simplify all your sales and customer management activities with us.

Binarysoft Technologies deliver not just easy-to-use and powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system but a complete architecture that empowers every business. We offer on-demand application sharing service that optimizes your interaction with customers. Our CRM provides you a suite of services and programs that enable your business to redefine its success.

A good CRM solution will allow a business to acquire customers, cater to their needs, increase the value of the customer to the company, retain valuable customers and determine which customer can be retained or given preference.

Whether you aim at taking advantage of your marketing campaign or increase the effectiveness of your sales and service operations, Binarysoft Technologies’ CRM improves the entire process at the lowest cost of ownership. Our CRM system is a comprehensive, market-leading solution that integrates your marketing, sales and service division effectively. Our solution can improve customer service by facilitating communication in several ways:

  • Increase and manage sales effectively
  • Deliver a single informed view of every customer
  • Strengthen customer relationship with the company
  • Integrate other functional systems with the CRM program
  • Provide product information on website for easy and round-a-clock access
  • Provide fast mechanism for registering and handling customer’s problems/grievances
  • Design each customer’s service strategy, based on their requirements and expectations
Binarysoft technologies’ CRM module allows your marketing, sales and service team to manage customer relationships effectively from anywhere in the world.
  • Marketing – understanding customers and finding better ways to provide products and services that meet their demands
  • Sales – synchronizing sales efforts to win new customers under intense pressure and in increased competition
  • Service – consistent and personalized customer care service through a 24X7 online service or in a field service environment to achieve and maintain competitive advantage
If you want to transform your enterprise, Contact Us or fill-in our Request-A-Quote form.
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