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Enterprise Resource Planning
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Enterprise Resource Planning

When keeping pace with dynamic business environment is difficult;
Or adding 1 more division leads to change in the current software set up;
Or it is expensive to keep-up a lean and efficient organization.
Then there is a need for a software that can grow with your business…

Binarysoft Technologies’ ERP solution is the best way to facilitate continuing profitability by enabling smooth functioning between different departments of your organization. ERP software helps in integrating different divisions and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs. Since all the departments use a single-integrated database, sharing of data and communication with each other should be more effective and effortless. This requires to improve the cooporation and coordination among all the departments like production, finance, human-resource, sales and customer-service department.

Our ERP system has the capability to run on several platforms and operating systems. The package handles all of the transactional requirements of an organization efficiently. The system provides unique, yet integrated modules for production, inventory, warehousing, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, shipping, system administration and other similar departments of the company.

We deliver customized and scalable solutions to companies of all sizes at affordable costs. Our perception is that no two clients or business methods are alike. So we establish solution-specific guidelines that are specifically tailored to each client’s requirements. These guidelines are addressed throughout the process and assist and support the client’s present and future operational success.

We support the top-tier systems that include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Bann. As a data management system, Binarysoft employs sophisticated, yet easy-to-use programs, facilitating the end user’s efficiency while working with data. Only an initial training to all the employees is required and there is no need for database-administrator to manage the system.

Some of the key benefits that you can experience when you implement ERP system in your organization are:

  1. Facilitates easy access of data as all company’s transactions are stored in one database;
  2. Breaks down communication barriers between all the departments;
  3. Improves customer response time;
  4. Improves supply chain flow;
  5. Eliminates multiple data entry points;
  6. Improves capability to monitor each point of transaction;
  7. Provides a true picture of overall efficiency of the organization;
  8. Highlights problem areas within the organization;
  9. increased inventory management capabilities;
  10. Time spent on preparing reports lessens;
  11. Enhances better decision-making power.
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