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Internet Marketing

Use a marketing technique that
Promotes your business, Online;
Accomplishes your business goals;
Converts your website traffic into revenue;
Place your website in front of your potential visitors...

Being an internet marketing company, Binarysoft Technologies helps you create a successful business presence in the world of 3W’s. We basically focus on how to succeed at internet marketing through website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, submission, e-mail and branding programs etc. For us, simply designing and putting your website is not enough; it is the traffic generation, which is vital for the success of your website and in turn for the success of your business.

Internet marketing is the integration of website design, development, and online-marketing techniques, with a focus on attracting high traffic that earns you more revenue. In broader terms, sound internet marketing will generate more visitors to your website who are well targeted and are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Our internet marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of activities, from optimizing websites, improving their indexing on search engines or building link programs to managing traffic generation lists or making your website more user-friendly. Our internet marketing strategy includes:

  • Search engine marketing – promotion of your website with an accurate monthly report on the visitor’s activities written by a trained consultant. This may include many different aspects of web promotion, including search engine optimization, formulating an internet marketing plan, and an in-depth keyword analysis or a straightforward site analysis.
  • Paid promotion - setting up and managing pay-per-visitor campaigns to maintain maximum visibility on the major search engines and directories. This is particularly effective for searches on niche market terms or for short term promotions.
  • Traffic analysis - analyzing website visitor activity to improve conversion rates and your ROI (return on investment) and to improve website usability. Traffic analysis is essential to measure the effectiveness of your internet marketing.
  • Link building - sourcing and acquiring high quality incoming links1 to your website to attract more targeted visitors and also to improve link popularity, which can enhance search engine prominence.
  • Search engine ranking - assessing how well your website performs on various search engines and directories. The search engine ranking report measures the effectiveness of existing campaigns and gives you an insight into which internet marketing activities should be pursued.
  • Competitor analysis - monitoring and researching your competitor’s website to undertake an in-depth analysis of their online presence.
To find out how we could help you improve your internet marketing strategy and exploit the most appropriate techniques, please fill-in our Contact Us form.

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