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What we provide in MLM Software

Advance Customized Binary Plan MLM Software (everything under one roof) Software Development, Private Limited Company Registration, Plan Development, Product Sourcing and much more...
We have many MLM clients from Bhilwara, Bhopal, Indore, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Rohtak, Jind, Hissar and acorss India

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Features includes:
User Panel: Professional Website Design, Member Registration, Account Information, Downline Information and Tree Structure, Financial Statements, Different kind of payouts reports, Password Modification, Image Upload etc.

Admin Panel: All the above features of User Panel + User Information Access and Control, Stock and Inventory Management, Product Package Management, Branch Management, TDS Reports, Payout Generation, Binary Plan Management, Automation of Cheques, Pin Generations, Tax Management etc.

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We can also provide back office operations (that will be charged seperately) and we also have product dealers who deal in MLM related products.

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Multi Level Marketing or MLM software; a software that can change the way business is done
Generates more revenue;
Earns Customer loyalty;
Assess faster and accurate commission;
Brings your firm from unsuccessful to very successful

Binarysoft Technologies has developed numerous Multilevel/Network Marketing software applications for multiple industries. Our product is a complete solution, suitable for retail products, wholesale applications and financial services. It is designed to take care of all the multilevel marketing chain and its coherency with accounting activities.

Binarysoft Technologies has developed numerous Multilevel/Network Marketing software applications for multiple industries. Our product is a complete solution, suitable for retail products, wholesale applications and financial services. It is designed to take care of all the multilevel marketing chain and its coherency with accounting activities.

MLM software is so specialized that it is not possible for any software fits all MLM projects/requirements. So we customize all MLM software to match each client’s needs. Our software suite helps you to streamline all your efforts without any trouble. Our MLM Application describes the tools to manage and organize MLM accounts. This allows you to track your customer, as well as organize the reports of sales, revenue and profit.

Whether you are a MLM startup, who prefers a low-cost entry plan or a large multilevel marketing company, requiring to administer the increasing needs of your business; our back office MLM software has been created to cater to the requirements of any size multilevel marketing, custom network marketing, matrix marketing or direct sales business company.

The developed software is an extremely affordable, fully integrated and web-based enterprise-level system that keeps all computer operations on the local computer. This enables you to create unique commission groups, which have its own commission structure. This facilitates you to reward “high performers” or even create “special status” members.
Some of the vital point in our MLM Software
1. Our MLM Software or Multi Level Marketing Software provides you an easy to use panel for generating registration PIN Codes.
2. Our MLM Online Software or Multi Level Marketing Online Software gives trouble free access to Income Tax, TDS, Service Tax Reports
3. Our MLM Software India Version has features of generating Form 16A. Whereby it will be easy for back office users to generate TDS Certificates
4. You can broadcast messages to your registered users through our MLM Software or Multi Level Marketing Software.
5. Some of the new feature in our improved MLM Software is to send SMS while registration or activating a registered ID.
6. Our MLM Software is accompanied with cutting edge Content Management System or CMS so that you can add/update/delete product packages any time.
7. In built product management software in MLM India Software make comfortable for you to change product details and add product images any time.
8. You can show any number of event/seminar images through our MLM Software
9. Our MLM India Software has ability to provide any type of income along with capping facility.
10. It is a fact that we have developed maximum number of MLM Softwares in India.
11. Till date we have developed 120 MLM software in India and our clent base is increasing every day.
12. Since we develop custom MLM Softwares, we can adjust our software according to your compensation plans
13. To get the benifits of our MLM Software all you need is a visit to our office in New Delhi. Or you can simply mail us your software requirements.

The feature allows the admin to change the discounts and commission structure for people at various levels of the MLM tree at any time. The administrator sets an "effective date" for each change, and the system uses the new structure for calculation of any transaction occurring after that date.

Other features of our MLM software suite include:
1.Administrative Features
    Create / Edit Profiles
    Record / View Transactions
    View User Summaries
    Alert Notices / Reminders
    Change Commissions / Discounts
    Advanced Transaction Reporting Tools
    Remove People From Tree
    Re-assign Parent
    Graphical View of Tree
2.User Features
    Secure Login
    View Current Account Balance
    Communicate With Site Owner
    View Monthly Earnings Summary
    View Transaction Details
    Advanced Transaction Reporting Tools
    Graphical View of Down-line

Binarysoft Technologies provide expert multilevel marketing software and network marketing software to companies which are serious about success. Contact Us for all your MLM software requirements.

MLM in News

Multi-Level Marketing Home Based Business Opportunities

Out of the many choices for home based business opportunities, multi-level marketing or network marketing may just be the best way for the average person to generate wealth.
The simplest way to explain multi-level marketing (MLM): it is a type of marketing that uses independent representatives to interact with potential clients that a manufacturer would not normally be able to reach with traditional sales or marketing tactics.
In order to initiate these new interactions, some multi-level companies recruit luxury consultants to promote their specific designer products, much like a traditional brick and mortar company uses a team of sales people to distribute their exclusive products, i.e. Tiffany’s or Jacob & Co.
You might be asking yourself why don’t these network marketing companies just sell directly to the end users themselves and why would they be willing to pay individuals to market for them?
MLM companies can only reach a limited number of clients and they need people, and more specifically they want access to representatives’ network of acquaintances, co-workers, family, friends, etc.
Traditional marketing is quite expensive compared to word of mouth advertising and corporations know this. Leveraging many luxury consultants’ network of contacts allows for exponential growth and profit potential.
There are many, many multi-level marketing companies out in the marketplace and it can be quite difficult to sort through the hype and locate the MLM company that offers the best reward for your time and effort.
Here are some key points to target, ensuring a fun and profitable venture into the world of network marketing home based business opportunities.
1. What does the multi- level marketing company’s compensation plan pay out to the marketing representatives? Unfortunately, most MLM companies have around only 25% of the total sales going back to the actual people doing the work, the distributors. When searching for a comp plan, look for 50% and up. Global Wealth Trade, a manufacturer and designer of luxury goods and fine jewellery, has a compensation plan that pays out close to 70%.
2. What is the network company’s retention rate for year? Or to put it another way, how many people join and actually continue to stay involved with the company after the initial euphoria has worn off of being in charge of their financial destiny? The norm in the MLM industry is around 20%. Ideally, you want to shoot much higher and look for a company that is at least 75%. Global Wealth Trade’s (GWT) luxury consultant’s retention is 96% for a year and the average consultant’s growth is 122% per year.
3. Are the products that are being marketed involve any warehousing by the distributors? One of the major pitfalls that the multi-level marketing newbie encounters is a large upfront investment for products that they must store in their own home or storage area. Look for companies that direct ship, like GWT, where all you do is place the order and the company handles everything else, including shipping and paying you your commission.
4. Can these products be sold anywhere around the world? In the majority of the time with MLM products, they are related to the health industry (powders, juices, health supplements, etc.) that not only have very high mark-up, they can only be sold in limited countries because of import restrictions. Ideally, hard assets like gold, silver and diamonds would be the first choice. There are no limitations on precious metals and jewellery to ship around the world (in many countries gold jewellery can be used as currency and for barter).

Narrow your search to a network marketing company that meets these key criteria and is there to share the profits with everyone in the organization. This will ensure your experience with multi-level marketing home based opportunities pays off in diamonds.

Do multi-level marketing firms need a regulator?
The recent arrest of the top officials of SpeakAsia for allegedly duping its 1.2 million investors (or panelists as SpeakAsia calls them) of Rs 1,300 crore again underlines the need for a regulator for all businesses that sell goods or services based on the multi-level marketing (MLM) model. It is important to note that not all ‘panelists’ of SpeakAsia are against the company. Going by the news reports, there is one SpeakAsia Panelist Association claiming to have support of 150,000-200,000 members, which is showing complete solidarity with the company. Neither the arrests nor the show of solidarity point to the criminality or innocence of SpeakAsia as the case may be. However, these two extremely polarised views on the issue definitely point towards a gaping hole in the regulatory framework.
It is not for the first time that a company that sells its products or services using an MLM framework has got marred into a controversy – Amway, Japan Life and many more have courted controversy and legal proceedings in the past. Given the way regulatory framework operate for these businesses, such controversies would keep cropping up unless the regulatory framework changes from being reactive to being pro-active.
Typically, in multi-level marketing (also known as direct selling using network marketing) a person gets rewarded not only for selling the goods and services by himself but also for referring other members to join the business and for the further referrals by that other member and so on. Usually all those companies that sell their products or services by this method project a pyramid type structure wherein the person at the top is shown as earning huge quantity of money on account of business done by people below him which in trade jargon is called ‘down-line’. Innumerable companies offering multi-level marketing schemes that present lucrative opportunities to their participants to make quick money have come up time and again and many a time questions have been raised on the legality –- at times on the business model per se and at other times on the scheme being promoted. Apart from general view that such schemes are fraudulent, the business organised on the lines of multi-level-marketing is often perceived as a money circulation scheme and thus in violation of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978 (“the Act”).
The issue whether a business model based on MLM or network marketing by its very nature of organisation is bad in law or not came up for judicial scrutiny in the case of RMP Infotech Private Ltd. v. Apple FMCG Marketing Private Ltd. A Division Bench of Madras High Court opined that MLM schemes cannot be declared outright illegal, unless the scheme in question has elements that render it illegal.
As regards the elements that render a particular scheme illegal, the Supreme Court in the case of State of West Bengal v. Swapan Kumar evolved a two-pronged test that finds basis in Section 2(c) of the Act. To hold a particular scheme illegal in law, (a) it must be proved that the scheme is for making quick and easy money and (b) the chance or opportunity of making quick and easy money depends upon the enrolment of members into the scheme.
The test laid in the Swapan Kumar ruling has been applied subsequently by courts in adjudicating upon the legality of different multi-level-marketing schemes. Surprisingly, the only two cases where the courts evaluated MLM schemes in details came to the conclusion that schemes in question were bad in law. One such decision was by the Supreme Court [Kurianchan Chako v. State of Kerala] wherein the scheme in question was held to be a ‘mathematical impossibility’. The other decision of the Andhra Pradesh High Court [Writ Petition nos. 20470 and 20471 of 2006] wherein scheme of Amway India was viewed as “so ingeniously conceived that the inducement for aggressive enrolment of new members to earn more and more commission is inherent in the scheme. By holding out attractive commission on the business turned out by the downline members, the scheme provides for sufficient inducements for its members to chase for the new members in their hot pursuit to make quick/easy money.”
Thus, as far as law is concerned, the principles are well laid down and position is very clear and ideally in such a scenario there is very little scope for confusion or controversies. However, the sole reason why we have had repeated controversies concerning such schemes is the way and manner in which the Act is implemented.
The Act is a central legislation and the States have been empowered to govern it. The Act bestows on Police the power to search any premises that may be suspected to be used to promote or conduct any money circulation scheme, seize all things found in these premises and to take into custody all such persons that are concerned or against whom the complaint has been made.
The problem with the scheme of implementation of the Act as far as multi-level marketing is concerned is that the Police more often then not is approached only after the crisis has reached its crescendo and as the nature of business involves a network of persons, the number of complainants or complaint is generally huge. Thus the Police is required to act under tremendous pressure and there is no time to first determine whether the multi-level marketing scheme in question is a money circulation scheme or not – a prerequisite required by the Police to take any action under the Act. What follows can be best described as a 'knee-jerk’ reaction.
A possible solution to this problem lies in the Act itself. The Act in its transitional provision envisage a role for the Reserve Bank of India as the specialised agency in consultation with whom the States were required to wind-up chit fund and money circulation schemes prevalent at the time the Act came into force. The Act also provided for States to frame rules in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India for the purposes of carrying out the provisions of the Act. It is pertinent to point out that the Act was enacted pursuant to findings of a study group constituted by the Reserve Bank of India to examine in-depth certain provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.
Thus when the Act was enacted the RBI had an important role in the formulation of policies or rules under the Act. However, in practice RBI does not figure anywhere in the determination of the issues as to whether any multi-level marketing scheme has elements of money circulation scheme or not. As the issue largely hinges on the financial model followed in the scheme, ideally RBI as the specialist body should determine this issue and this determination should not be left to the Police or the Courts.
Unfortunately, RBI instead of taking a pro-active role chose to take a back seat and came out with a Circular in 2003 eliminating its role in the implementation of the Act. This act of RBI was discussed in the 8th Lok Sabha though in a different context [(proceedings other than questions and answers) Title: Shri S. Jaipal Reddy called the attention of the Minister of Finance and Company Affairs to reported illegal schemes of Japan Life of India and steps taken by the Government in regard thereto.]
Today we have several multi-level marketing schemes operating in the country with no certainty whether these schemes conform to the Act or not. Further, many of these schemes are operational in more that one States. This may lead to a situation where the company running a multi-level marketing is subjected to multiple prosecutions. There could also emerge a scenario where the same scheme is held good in law by one State and bad in another. In case of Speak Asia complaints were filed in more than one State.
As any popular scheme involves large number of individuals who earn their livelihood from such schemes and a subsequent finding of the scheme being illegal may adversely impact them, it is important that we move from the present reactive to a pro-active determination mechanism. In order to achieve this and also to overcome a situation of multiple prosecutions being launched against the same scheme by different States, the following is suggested:
1. RBI shall be frame general rules under the Act on multi-level marketing schemes which may be notified by the States at their option;
2. The rules shall require all multi-level marketing companies operating in the States that has notified the rules to get their scheme evaluated by the RBI before commencement of the business;
3. For the already existing schemes, the rules shall provide for a two year window to get the scheme evaluated by the RBI
These steps will go a long way in ending the uncertainty that multi-level marketing business model currently faces and will reassure many who earn their livelihood by being part of such business. This will also ensure that no money circulation scheme camouflaged as genuine business will be able to dupe lay investors or members. Further, this will bring succour to the promoters of multi-level marketing schemes from any Police action that may be initiated at the behest of disgruntled members of the scheme.
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