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Multimedia Solutions

If your requirements are:
To impress your corporate clients through interactive business presentations;
Easy to memorize training programs that effectively assesses the trainee’s knowledge;
To have one-to-one discussion with your audience, while introducing new products.

Then let your screen talks for you – by representing your message through Binarysoft’s apex quality Interactive Multimedia Presentations.

Multimedia presentation is a way of conveying information using interactive mode of media like text, audio, animation, video, graphics, etc. It is an effective way to capture the interest of viewers besides furnishing them with essentials of your presentation. Multimedia presentations are so enticing that they leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Binarysoft is committed to deliver high-end Multimedia solutions at fair cost. We create presentations keeping in mind the fact that marketing is an important investment for you. We work in tight collaboration with your suggestions, your style, your content and your budget. Our products have a right mixture of technical knick-knacks in terms of programming skills, graphics, layouts, animations and script, etc. that seize the interest of the viewers. Depending on your requirements, we create following types of multimedia presentations:

  1. Linear Presentations –
  2. If your requirement is to play an intro of your company on website or display non-stop information about your products and services; then linear presentation is an optimum solution for you. These presentations do not require anyone to control its workings and are displayed with minimum user interactions.
  3. Non-Linear Presentations –
  4. If you have to give lecture in a seminar; or present your company’s profile to large number of audience; or informing clients about your products and services. Then your presentation should be controlled by the speaker. In this case Non-Linear presentation is what you should opt for. These presentations are managed by the orator. It also enables you to shuffle through the pages as per the requirements.

    Over the years, we follow a preset methodology to ensure that each web/multimedia project flows smoothly. Binarysoft’s working process comprise of 3-phases:
  • Planning:
  • Our clients come to us with a vision of what they need to build. This vision is then translated into a user-centered information architect and project plan. The project plan includes all the specifications like target audience, time-frame of the presentation, the need for presentation, place where it is going to be presented, budget and many more. This initial information helps us to plan-out the development of your presentation.
  • Preparing:
  • Developing process initiates with outlining the specifications. We take care of all ins and outs of the project that includes audio-visual aids, animations, content, colors, fonts, graphics and the likes. We welcome any number of amendments and alterations from client’s side to ensure that we are building a product that meets the project goal.
  • Delivering:
  • The last phase is to deliver you the final product with specifications and the on specified time. But it doesn’t end our development-cycle. We aim at complete customer satisfaction.
Our wide range of creativity, technology and production expertise makes us the best people to entrust all your multimedia presentation needs to us. To name a few, our wide range of Multimedia applications includes:
SEO | Multimedia Solutions India  Talking brochures
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Presenting your company profile;
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Interactive business presentations for customers;
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Interactive training packages or CBT packages for trainers;
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Menu-driven annual report for all shareholders;
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Conferencing, Roadshows and Events;
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Presenting your company’s investments and achievements;
multimedia presentation | Multimedia applications  Virtual product demonstration.

Just have a look at our Multimedia Portfolio and if you need any help, Contact Us and we will be happy to talk through your project requirements.

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