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Publishing Management System

Do you own an online publishing website which prints, manages and updates online journals, news and editorials?
Does the constant modifications bother you.
Then Publishing Management System software will be the best solution for your website.

Publishing Management System software is an advanced content management system that allows even the non-technical staff to easily update information on your website. This removes the technical barriers, reduces the cost and saves a lot of your time in building and maintaining an information publishing website.

Binarysoft Technologies offers unique content management system software and news portals for simplified creation and management of publishing websites. The headlines, news and editorials can be easily managed. This reduces time-to-publish, allowing you to publish news and other content faster. This feature is important for your organization as ‘The sooner you publish the key content, the more value it creates'.

Our system allows journal content contributors to add drafted, invisible news and editorials directly on to the web. After the approval of content by editors, it can be published on the website. This facilitates the editors to ensure speedy publication of important news. You can customize the categories and sub-categories for managing the number and order of all the articles, news and headlines.

Go through the following points to know more about the key features and the benefits that our product will provide you.

  1. Easy to install and require no technical knowledge for installation.
  2. Saves time and money by keeping headlines, news and editorial articles fresh and up-to-date – without hundreds of HTML changes and FTP uploads.
  3. Use categories and sub-categories to organize your content and navigation.
  4. Formats content of a webpage using WYSIWYG editor.
  5. Allows you to manage the workflow of the contents on your site.
  6. Flexible panel-driven site layout that need minutes to rearrange any page on your website.
  7. The administration interface is completely customizable so that you can free to add, edit, or delete any article.
  8. Facilitates archiving feature to file old articles to improve the performance of your site.
  9. You can keep track on what is published and by whom, how quickly the content is getting published, whether the publication norms are adhered to, whether out-of-date content is being removed, etc.
If this is what you need, just feel free to Contact Us and set up a complimentary meeting with us.
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