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Optimization Services

Our optimization services would include some or all of the following:
Initial Website Technical evaluation - We analyze the structure, content and design of your existing site to determine what level of web promotion can be applied to your site. By considering your website’s stats we get to know the details of your current surfers like from the number of site-visitors to what keywords they are using and the source of your traffic. Also it enables us to judge the type and extent of changes that would help to alter the outlook of your site as well as its TRP’s.

Initial Competitive Analysis report - We analyze the high ranking websites of your competitors. This comparative study aids us in bringing up your website. We either recreate the coding or modify the content of your site which brings forth the desired results that you aim at.

Keyword / Key phrases Research - The list of most effective Search Terms pertaining to your site and your domain name, are provided to you. Keyword research is done to know the relevant terms used by prospective customers for their searching. After carefully selecting the pertinent keywords out of these search terms, we optimize your site so that it increases the brand visibility of your site.

Content Optimization (rewriting / modification of content) - Whatever you write on your website will directly influence the algorithms of search engines. The page content is written in such a way that besides reflecting the key-phrases that it is promoting, it makes an enduring impact on surfers. Our copywriting services – from Writing keyword specific code, Modifying your site headings, Editing HTML texts to Recreating layout, design and even images; enhance the rankings of your website.

Crucial Tags Optimization based on keyword - This is done by creating Meta information in the source code of a website. This provides additional information about HTML documents to the search engine crawlers, ministering in accurate indexing of the information. We ensure that these vital tags are included in your site’s coding to make it more search engine friendly.

There are four elemental Tags that search engines looks for in a website:

  1. Title tags Optimization: These are the vital tags for your site’s rankings. The words or phrases that best describe the content of the page are included in the title tag. This tag appears as a hyperlink to your website when listing on the search engine results.
  2. Meta tags Optimization: A number of Meta keywords that are relevant to the content of your webpage are added in this tag. Though this tag is not so important, but still considered essential by some of the search engines.
  3. Description tags Optimization: The description appears below the title in search engine listings included in this tag. The details in Meta description tag must be concise and enticing to catch the attention of visitors. It also includes some of the top keywords of your site. Each page of your site must be customized so that they don’t have same Meta description tags.
  4. Alt tags / image Optimization: These tags are ‘Alternative’ to images. When a pointer points over an image, you can see some text appears. This is a concise description of that image. This is also useful for people having text-only browsers. When this alt tag is added to the image, it ensures that the visitor can get to know about the image even if it fails to load. This also helps in optimization of your images.
Key phrases optimization - After analyzing the keywords representing your website’s theme, the determination of best keywords are essential for the optimizing process. We focus on specific keywords, their synonyms and related words so that your website is placed on the top position when a search engine user seeks for your product. We emphasize on best keywords which pass through the complex mathematical algorithms employed by newer generation search engines.

Site map creation for Yahoo (in HTML) and for Google (in XML) - Site Map page enhances the probability of search engine spiders to crawl your website. A link and a short description of that link are created for each page of your site. Then, this page is added to your main navigation menu. It also facilitates online-visitors to have a quick-view of your site.

Robot.txt optimization – A robot file is a file in the root directory of a website. It determines which search engines have access to which pages within a website. We understand the need for robots file because search engines aren't able to crawl your site without a robot file. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention while creating a robot file.

Free one way link pages - The number of links pointing towards your site and directed from your site maximizes the potential value of your site. There are two types of link building. One is trade link (Link Exchange or Reciprocal Link Exchange), where two websites exchange links between them. The other one is to establish only ‘incoming links, also called Non-reciprocal links, in which you don’t need to link back to them. Many search engines rank your site at higher position if there are relevant links from highly positioned sites. So we will make sure, we exchange links for your site only from relevant sites. We also monitor all your partner sites to make sure your site will never be removed from their site.

Manual submission to top search engines - Submitting to search engines in the correct order can increase a site’s value within the search engines. Every search engine and directory follows their pre-specified rules for listing the sites. We submit your site manually to all the major search engines, directories and some specialized directories precisely following their guidelines.

Maintenance – Achieving top ranking is not difficult but to maintain the position is also not easy. We keep an eye on your site, checking each and every movement and then apply our methodology to keep your site on top of search engine result pages.

24X7 Customer support – Our team of experts are always around to ensure that you get all the technical support – at the initial stage as well as when we are maintaining your website. If you experience any technical snags, just Contact Us and we will get back to you at the earliest. The following mode of support is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
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