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Our Work Flow
Good Quality software development is a multifaceted process that requires a good field-proven methodology. At Binarysoft Technologies, we productively execute a methodology that helps us handle complex IT projects in the most effective way.
1. System Analysis

First of all, you provide us with your system requirements or a design prospectus. It also helps a lot to discuss your system functionality in advance. Such a discussion may be arranged as a series of interviews and reviews of your existing software and/or supporting documentation on the software. Using project specifications, the Project Coordinator formulates a draft project plan, which is used for project management coordination, scheduling, and communication. On their part, system analysts prepare the analysis of your project requirements as a draft of the Software Requirement Specification (SRS). This specification will be used at the next stage to building the initial prototype.

2. Prototyping Top^

The preliminary mockup of the application is made available on our Prototype Server. It aims to demonstrate the architecture and interface design. Building a prototype at the early stage of the development process has distinct advantages:
Demonstrates system interface/functionality.
Exhibits the "look and feel" of the application
Provides a core system for use at stage 4.

3. Detailed Design Top^

We prepare the Test Plan and formulate the System Design Specification (SDS) that includes:
Database Design (Logical and Physical).
Protocols and Software Interfaces
Algorithm Descriptions
Variable & Function Definitions
The Test Plan outlines specific reproducible tests, manual or automated, to verify the accuracy of the implementation. The test criteria include:
Database Integrity
Functional Correctness
Fault Tolerance
Stability and Reliability
This is also the stage, when the Users Technical Manual is initially drafted.

4. Code and Unit Testing Top^

Unit testing is most effective for detecting as many errors as possible. Each application module or method is tested separately. The main advantage of unit testing is that it puts you much closer to the errors in a particular piece of code, thereby making error detection quick and easy.
Unit testing prevents many errors, catches existing errors as early as possible, achieves the widest possible coverage of your methods and uncovers problems that are hard to detect at later testing stages. The developer is responsible for testing all methods and modules in his code. Unit test results are also reviewed by other members of the development team.

5. Issues/Bug Tracking Top^

Although we pay close attention to unit and application testing, everyone knows that bugs may still crop up. In order to track and solve such bugs, every released application is automatically assigned an account within our Bug Tracking system (Mantis). This system has Web and Email interfaces and allows the owners or users of the application to send us bug/issue reports and monitor the bug fixing process.The additional advantage of this mechanism is the accumulation of user suggestions for product improvements that are invaluable in making up a list of improvements/features to be implemented in the next version of the application.

6. Beta Testing Top^

Beta testing is a cyclic process of release and revision that ultimately results in the creation of the final release version. Testing is conducted in accordance with the Test Plan upon the production of each beta version.

7. Post Deployment Top^

In order to ensure that all the operations are running smoothly, we offer a range of post-deployment and support services rendered upon the completion of installation. These include:
Site Administration
Site Monitoring
Data Migration
Content Management
24x7 Technical Support
Software Updates
Content Conversions.

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